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Clubs & Activities

Active Minds: Jane Gomes - Thursdays in START Room at 2pm

Ambassadors Club: Laura Theis- Once a month ( Wed/Thursday 2-3pm)

Art Club: Kris Kellenberger- Wednesdays in C204

BPA: Doug Scott- Scheduled meetings announced. SEe Mr. Scott

beFree: Kiely Murray- Tuesdays at 2pm in C204

Best Buddies: Chip Collins/Mike Graeber-  Every other Monday 2pm in A212

Book Club: Charleen Belcher- Once a month, 2-3pm (day tbd)

Clay Club: Christine Enos-Thursdays in C202

Chess Club: Ken Gates-Thursdays in A205

Coding Club: Dough Scott/Tim Joyce- Tuesdays, C206, 2-3:00

Community Service Club: Jane Norton-  Mondays at 2pm, every other week in A311

Cricket Club: Rajanagan Rajan- 1 weekday & 1 weekend at 4pm Fruit St. Athletic Field

Cubing Club: Shannon Allberry- Wednesdays at 2pm in 105

Creative Writing: Samantha Breen-  Thursdays 2-2:30 in A312

Debate/Speech Club: Steve Spiegel-  Wednesday, once a week in A207

Diversity Club: Mike Finn- Mondays in C205

Fashion Club: Kris Kellenberger-  Thursdays 2pm in C204

Fishing Club: Jen Fairbanks-  April to June, once a week, usually Wednesdays at lakes around town

Fitness Club: Beth Spinks-  Fridays at 2pm in Ath. Ctr.

French Club: Erica Wetterlow-  Wednesdays, every other week, at 2pm in A301

Games Club: Kristen Pratt/Tim Pacific- Thursdays at 2pm in A208

Girls Who Code: Kirsten Fournier- Tuesdays at 2pm in C208

GSA: Valerie vonRosenving-  Mondays at 2pm in C201

Habitat for Humanity: Samantha Breen- Tuesdays at 2pm in A312

Happy Hillers Club: Karen Renaud- Wednesday at 2pm in A218

Hello Hillers: Evan Bishop- every other Tuesday at 2pm in A219

History Club: Mike Wilander- Monday in A206 at 2pm

Investment Club: Steve Spiegel- Thursdays at 2pm in A207

Journalism Club: Fred Haas- Thursdays 2pm in A319

Key Club: Charleen Belcher- Mondays, twice a month, 2-2:30

Magic the Gathering: Carolyn Balinskas- Wednesdays at 2pm every other week in A300A

Make a Wish: Marie Martin- Third Thursday of the month at 1:50pm in Room 309

Marginal- HHS Literary Magazine: Benjamin Lally- Tuesdays 2pm in A303A

Marketing Club: Steve Simoes- Every other Thursday 2pm in A109

Math Competition: Jen Fairbanks, Kathy Campbell-  Thursdays at 2pm in A215

Inventor's Club (MIT): Doug Scott- Tuesdays in C206 at 2pm

Mandarin Club: Andy Frey-  Wednesday in A209 at 2pm

Mind & Brain Club: Michael Sullivan- Thursdays in A204

Mock Trial Club: Mike Finn- Thursdays in C205

Model UN: Mike Prescott- Tuesdays in A108

Music Composition Club: Craig Hay- Fridays at 2pm in Band Rm C207

Newspaper Club : Fred Haas- Thursdays at 2pm in A310

Peer Leaders: Stacey Place- Every other Thursday at 7am in the AC

Photography Club: Sterling Worrell- Wednesdays C203

Poetry Club: Marie Martin- Wednesdays at 2pm in 309

Relay for Life: Jen Fairbanks- Every other Wednesday in Auditorium 6pm

Robotics Team: Doug Scott- Tues/Thurs 2-4pm in C206

Sailing Club: Sterling Worrell-  Spring Tues/Fri @ State Park at 2pm

Science Olympiad: Andrew Couto- Wednesdays 2pm in A104

South Asian Affinity Group: Mike Wilander- Every other Tuesday 2pm in A206

Spanish Club: Josie Ronnquist- Wednesdays 2pm in A305

Spartan Club: Beth Spinks- 2pm on Tuesdays, near trophy case

Speech & Debate Club: Steve Spiegel- Wednesdays 2-3pm A207

STEM Club: Jen Smith/Michelle Odierna- Thursdays 2pm bi-weely A112/A101

Ultimate Frisbee: Liz Petruska- almost every day in spring, after school, on school fields

VES (Vision & Senior Care): Steve Spiegel- Thursdays once a month