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Currently Hopkinton accepts (15) F1 exchange students every year from all over the world.  Our program will give each participant the opportunity to know not only American students but other exchange students from different countries that attend our school.  It is important that full applications be completed and submitted early as we often fill up by February 1st.  If you have been referred to this site, you are one of our potential exchange students, a family member or agency working with a potential exchange student to Hopkinton.   Here you will find information to help exchange students, their families and agencies understand what is needed, expected and options available for exchange students.  This site has primary information and key links to resources that will help the exchange process.  It is important to preview the information contained in this site and follow suggested guidelines and processes.  

Helpful Links



  • Hopkinton Public School/Welcome and key links

  • What is happening at HHS? 

     Student Memo 

  • What do you want/need to earn a diploma?

   Course Requirements

  • Want to play sports?

  • How can I be better prepared?  What do I need?

     Things you should know 


  • How do I get to know people?  Will I fit in?

   The Ambassadors Club

   International Night


  • What kind of clubs and Student Organizations are at HHS?


School Calendar:

Please note:  Semesters run from the last week of August to the third week of January for the Fall Semester.  Spring Semester runs from the end of January to the middle of June. For seniors, the school year ends on Graduation day.  

2022-2023 Calendar



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