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High School Curriculum

Hopkinton Public Schools Philosophy of Learning

We believe that the goal of learning is understanding. All students must have equal access to a clearly articulated curriculum while engaging in inquiry, exploration, discovery, application, and reflection. Effective learning activities that lead to deep understanding begin with clear goals, and are designed to capitalize on strengths while addressing the needs of individual students. Learning begins as the acquisition of knowledge and skills; deep understanding requires a safe and vibrant learning community that allows risk-taking and fosters continual dialogue. The measure of learning and the evidence of understanding is the student’s ability to apply what is learned in school to authentic purposes and real life situations.

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Subject Matter Leaders (SMLs)

Ashley Bell

Titles: Spanish Teacher, World Language Department SML

Colleen Cormier

Titles: History Teacher, History & Social Science SML

Carla Crisafulli

Titles: Math Teacher, Math Department SML

Sarah Ellam

Titles: English Teacher, English Department SML

Colleen Gianino

Titles: Art Teacher, District Art Department SML

Deborah Gorman

Titles: Wellness Department SML

Craig Hay

Titles: Music Teacher, District Music Department SML

Douglas Scott

Titles: BTE Teacher, BTE Department SML

Jennifer Smith

Titles: Chemistry Teacher, Science Department SML